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The Team - Do you help your Scrum Master protect and serve The Team?

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Part of the Scrum Master's (not ScrumMaster's) role is to protect the team from distractions so they can deliver on their commitments, to ensure agreed process is followed and to help all roles keep their promises.

It is also important that team members do not allow themselves to get distracted and must work based on priority.

Here is a good saying to remember: "It is very important I complete my sprint. Can this wait 1 week until the next sprint?".

Any requests for work or distractions outside the scope of the project that take more than 15 minutes must be declined politely and the distraction notified to the Scrum Master, or, if the request comes from the Product Owner, it can be added as a new PBI as described in

The only exceptions, where a Team Member can start the work before notifying the Scrum Master are:

  • Any critical production issues that absolutely requires the attention of the Team Member and nobody else is available
  • A client request for work when the Team Member is working on an internal project
  • Test please requests, if the total time taken from the Sprint for all Test Please requests is less than 8 hours

In these 3 exceptional cases only, even if the Team Member doesn't get a response from the Scrum Master, the requestor can insist that the member starts the other work immediately.

For details on promises, see the rule “Do you understand the implied contract (promises) between Members of the Scrum Team?”

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