Do you set office backgrounds for filming?

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It can be time-consuming to think and plan a shoot with the background in mind. It is much better to have a library of different office backgrounds to save time.

These will also act as approved office backgrounds from the Product Owner, giving the video team assurance and confidence in shooting the video. It also allows developers who are less creative or nervous about shooting to choose what background they would like.

presenter solo sitting down
Figure: Presenter - solo and sitting down

Boardroom standing
Figure: Presenter - solo and standing up

two presenters standing
Figure: Two presenters - standing

two presenters sitting down
Figure: Two presenters - sitting down

Chapel desks background presenter solo
Figure: Interview - piece to camera and sitting down

Standing devs working interview
Figure: Interview - standing up and developers in background

Tv room doorway
Figure: Interview - standing up in a doorway

chapel devs working interview
Figure: Interview - sitting down and developers in background

chapel trees background
Figure: Interview - sitting down and trees in background

Hey Sophie,

Cool video idea. What were you thinking for the background?

Figure: Bad example - Vague question and no visual references

Hey Sophie,

As per our conversation, this is a great and valuable video to make. Please check out the different options of backgrounds we can use for you:

  1. Choose the one you most prefer

Figure: Good example - Link to visual references and options for approved backgrounds

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