Do you know to not include UNC paths in URLs?

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UNC (Uniform Naming Convention) is a naming system used in Microsoft Windows operating systems to specify the location of a file or folder on a shared network resource. However, UNC paths should not be used in URLs as they are typically used to specify file paths on a local network rather than web resources.

In a URL, the path component specifies the path to the resource on the web server, and it is relative to the server's document root directory. While it may be possible to include a UNC path in a URL, doing so would likely result in an error, as web servers are not designed to handle UNC paths.

An example of a UNC path is:


Additionally, including a UNC path in a URL could be a security risk, as it could potentially expose sensitive information about the server's network configuration. Therefore, you should not include UNC paths in URLs.

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