Do you use AI to generate your Specification Reviews?

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Even the most seasoned analysts might occasionally overlook certain details in a Specification Review. Leveraging technology, especially AI, not only augments our capabilities but also acts as a safety net for those unintentional oversights.

The Role of AI in Enhancing Reviews

  • Tool, Not Replacement: AI greatly aids in generating Specification Reviews. Yet, the expertise and discernment of a human are irreplaceable. AI provides a foundational understanding, but professionals provide the nuanced depth.
  • Interactive AI: Foster a dynamic interaction with AI. Instead of providing it with a predetermined set of requirements, let the AI ask progressive questions. This way, it captures the intricacies of the project scope.

    Prompt: _You are an IT Consultancy specification writer.

    Engage with me step-by-step to gather essential requirements. Ask sequentially, with each question stemming from the previous response._

    Figure: Good example - AI adapts and evolves its questions based on ongoing answers, offering more tailored results

    Prompt: _Use these requirements to draft a Specification Review:

    1. Web application on Azure
    2. Capture user feedback
    3. User sign-up process ..._

    Figure: Bad example - Missing critical elements like security considerations, data migration paths, or integration with existing systems

  • Customization Over Templates: While templates offer consistency, they may not always cater to project-specific nuances. Every project is unique, and relying solely on templates can lead to gaps in the specification.

Value Additions from AI

  • Generating PBIs: Harness AI to create Product Backlog Items (PBIs) with both speed and consistency.
  • Architecture Visualization: With tools like Mermaid, AI can manifest complex data into clear, interactive architecture diagrams.

    graph TB
    CUI[Cloud User Interface]
    CPM[Cloud Product Management]
    COM[Cloud Order Management]
    CAM[Cloud Admin Module]
    CPG[Payment Gateway]
    CI[Cloud Infrastructure]
    CUI -->|Order Placement| COM
    COM -->|Payment Processing| CPG
    CAM -->|Product Management| CPM
    CAM -->|System Configurations| CSC[Cloud System Configurations]
    CI -->|Supports| CUI
    CI -->|Supports| CPM
    CI -->|Supports| COM
    CI -->|Supports| CAM

    Figure: Good example - Visualizing complex system infrastructure using Mermaid for clarity

  • From Architecture to Specification: Entrust your AI with an architecture blueprint. See it draft an initial Specification Review, ready for human refinement.

    chatgpt azure
    Figure: Good example - Using AI to generate a Specification Review on existing architecture


Prompt: _You are an IT consultant specification writer.

Engage with me step-by-step to collect essential requirements.

For each section, provide comprehensive paragraphs detailing the rationale behind the given information.

Ask me one question at a time, and then only ask the next after I have answered the last one.

At the end, give me the opportunity to give you more information if needed

Upon completion, gather the information based on my answers and then:

  1. Provide me the Specification Review. Also include the current state of the solution. Be sure to include detailed explanations of each section, adding why we recommend the approach and what the benefits are.
  2. Develop Product Backlog Items (PBIs) corresponding to the tasks required to fulfil the specifications.
  3. Provide the Mermaid syntax to draft both the present and projected architectural flow diagrams._

Figure: Good example - A good prompt to get the conversation started

In harnessing AI, it's pivotal to recognize its value as a tool. Its true strength emerges when combined with our expertise, elevating the final output to unmatched quality.

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