Do you use dashes in your URLs?

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For maximum readability and SEO use kebab-case (dashes) in your URLs and make them short and friendly.

Learn more on Best Practices for URL Structure.

Figure: Bad example - No kebab-case in URL

Figure: Bad example - PascalCase (better readability and still works in small caps, but other people might share it without the MixedCase) on word documentation

...will become

Figure: Bad example - spaces it will show up in your URL structure as 20%, which is bad for readability and SEO

Figure: OK example - underscored (snake_case) URLs have good readability but are not recommended by Google

Figure: Good example - kebab-case is recommended by Google. Note: Don't use any uppercase

Not for domains! This is only for pages and documents. Domains are bad when they have dashes in them.

Read more on SEO 101: Hyphens vs. Underscores in URLs.

More info

You can install the IIS URL Rewrite Module for IIS7 you can make ugly URL's much more friendly.

friendly url rule
Figure: Rewrite both the HTML in the page and the incoming URL's to be friendly

The caveat here is that it will only work if the URL is in the clear on the page.

Note: This could only be done with certain links as others are postbacks as well.

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