Do you add https:// to text fields and content?

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Have you ever seen the text in an email or YouTube description meant to be a link to a page and wondered why it's missing the customary blue underline or can't be clicked?

The answer is simple: the links are missing the prefix " https:// ", a prefix most modern content editors or browsers recognise as link identifiers and convert otherwise normal-looking text into easily clickable links.

url https image 1
❌ Figure: Bad example the URL does not include https:// prefix. The URL is not short and readable.

Read the rule Do you make URLs short and readable? for a better understanding of how to create good URL's.

url https image 2
✅ Figure: Good example. https:// prefix included making it a link. The URL has been made short and readable

Adding " https:// " to the text makes the link easier to click which encourages more people to click on the link.

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