Do you use the brains of your company?

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Your employees are your greatest asset, yet their valuable knowledge and insights often go unnoticed. Why not harness their creativity and problem-solving abilities by hosting a fun and collaborative Brainstorming day? It's a simple but effective way to unlock innovative ideas, foster team bonding, and empower your workforce. 🧠💪

Video: How we use the "Brains" of our company - SSW Brainstorming (1 min)

Employees on the front line often have valuable insights into opportunities for improvement, what is painful, increased efficiency, and even entirely new business ideas. Empowering these employees with an annual Brainstorming day is a great way to transform their good ideas into valuable solutions, as well as giving them the opportunity to learn and grow from each other. Also, many employees enjoy the opportunity to flex their creative muscles in fun ways that their day-to-day jobs may not always afford them.

Different companies have different approaches to this. For example:

  • Atlassian - Give employees 1 day a year to work on a feature they want
  • Google - Employees are allowed to dedicate 20% of their time to 'pet projects' (subject to approval)
  • Microsoft - Scott Guthrie takes senior leaders offsite for 1 week each year
  • SSW - Adam Cogan conducts an annual Brainstorming day in each state office

Video: Empowering Employees Through Brainstorming (3 min)

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