Do you have a nice video background?

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You are likely to have constant Teams or Zoom video calls with clients or work colleagues. One of the first things you should think about should be how to have a nice background.

When in the office, you can have a nice branded background, which is the best option.

For home offices, follow "less is more":

  • Have a neutral wall or setup behind you or with minimal objects - you may be fond of family pictures or band posters, but the person on the other side may be distracted
  • Check you don't have a pile of clothes to fold, boxes, or any mess that may be behind your desk
  • Test - sit at your desk and take a selfie. Then organize your background accordingly
  • Good lighting can improve the general quality of your video
  • If you want to go the extra mile, designate one wall as your company wall and keep it consistent with the company branding

bad background
Figure: Bad example – A messy background will not look professional

good background
Figure: OK example – Clean home background with a branded monitor (showing off the company website)

brisbane office background example
Figure: Good example – The office background

Virtual backgrounds

Not ideal, but if you can't have a nice and clean background, the alternative is to use the virtual background effect feature (e.g. blur OR a background image):

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