Does your home page banner show upcoming events?

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Imagine a potential client visiting your YouTube channel, keen to engage with your content but clueless about the next event you're hosting. You skip a valuable chance to connect with your audience if you don't highlight upcoming events on your banner. It's a great way to show off what you're promoting or hosting!


  • Engagement and connection: A visual and current home page creates anticipation and informs your audience about your next event.
  • Professionalism: A timely and well-designed banner shows commitment to quality and consistency.
  • Relevance: It keeps your channel relevant and gives viewers a reason to check out your content.


  1. As soon as you confirm an event, you should begin the design process. This could mean sending a task to your designers.
  2. Make sure the banner gets approved by the relevant people.
  3. Set yourself a reminder to update the banner on the day following the prior event. Note: If your event is next in line, use the new banner as soon as it's ready.

bad banner
Bad example: This banner could be 10 years old...there is no way to know.

good banner
Good example: The people running this channel must be excited, and the audience should be too!

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