SSW Access Reporter - Online Demo

This sample Active Server Page demonstrates how to use the SSW Access Reporter.
There is an example of a report with no filter (Products by Category) and an example of a report with a filter (Invoice).

Database Name:
Report Name:
Report Type:
Report Filter:

Note: SSW Access Reporter is fast. The delay you see on the first report is Internet Explorer instantiating the Snapshot Viewer or Excel. Please test it out twice.

Requirements: If you are wanting to try the snapshot then you need one of the following installed:
  • Office 2000, or
  • Office 2002, or
  • Office 2003, or
  • Just the Microsoft Snapshot Viewer You are going to a site outside of SSW The Microsoft Snapshot Viewer enables you to view a report snapshot WITHOUT having Microsoft Access 2000 or Microsoft Access 2003 or the run-time version of Microsoft Access 2000 or Access 2003 on your computer.

Sample Code

View the source code to see how it works.

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