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Get your team up to speed on Angular and Visual Studio in 2 hours

Angular What's new in Visual Studio and ALM

Attendees will be introduced to Angular in the .NET environment. The trainer is an experienced .NET and Angular developer who has been using these technologies to build enterprise applications.

Attendees will be introduced to:

  1. An introduction to Angular
  2. How to use Angular with .NET
  3. Lessons from the trenches - learn from the trainer’s real world experience building an enterprise Angular application

Visual Studio is going to be a huge change for both windows and non-windows developers. Thanks to a new/refreshing/cool/awesome change of attitude, Microsoft is embracing the winning tools in the development space and is building them into the next version of Visual Studio.

Come see Adam give you a tour and expand your development horizons. This session is guaranteed to make you even more productive and highlight why Visual Studio is still the best IDE for developing software.

Get up to speed with the latest .NET development tools

DevSuperPowers is an initiative of SSW to help .NET development teams get up to speed on the latest development tools. If your team is looking at using these technologies then this session held at your premises will help your team:

  1. Understand how to get started
  2. Learn from SSW's experience using these technology
  3. Ask lots of questions from someone who has a lot of experience using these technologies

These 2 hour sessions are to all development teams with 5+ team members and are held at your office.

When is this running?

You can book a time that suits you, contact us on +61 2 9953 3000.

What do I need to know?

  • These are 2 hour sessions
  • The session will be held at your office

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2 hours

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