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Registration Wizard

When you run the install exe there is a simple wizard interface to guide you through the setup process.

Note: Why have a rich client and the same order process on the web?
A: We want to allow them to register and pay any way they want

Registration Wizard User Guide
1. Prerequisites
2. Running SSW Registration Wizard
3. Register Now
4. Next step
  1. Prerequisites

    1. To install, view the Installation User Guide
    2. To register, view the Registration User Guide (Current Step)

  2. Running SSW Registration Wizard

    Figure: The about screen

  3. Register Now

    Figure: Select "Register Now" to register your SSW product or select "Continue Evaluation" to review the functionality of your SSW product - see next section.

    Figure: Select an option and follow the wizard to register your SSW product.

    Figure: If you are a current client, enter the email and password you used to register on

    Figure: If you are a new client, fill in your contact details


    Figure: If you are a new client, fill in your contact and other details

    Figure: Pick the product type that you want to purchase

    Figure: Enter your payment details


    Figure: The wizard will communicate with SSW Servers to finalise your registration

    Figure: Once registration is complete and payment processed, you will receive an email with registration instructions

  4. Next step

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