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Attaching the AdventureWorks2000DW Data Warehouse Database

In Enterprise Manager, right click Databases -> New Database...

Create a database with the name "AdventureWorks2000DW".

Refresh the Enterprise Manager view so that the new database is displayed. Right click the AdventureWorks2000DW database that you just created, and select All Tasks -> Restore Database...

In the Restore radio button group select "From Device", click Select Device. Click Add and select the file that you downloaded (and uncompressed) to restore the database.

Note: you will need to make sure there are no current connections to the database.

Bring in the AdventureWorks2000 Cube

In Analysis Manager, right click server -> Restore Database. Select the .cab file to create the Reseller Sales cube.

You might need to change the data source for the new cube, if you used an a different database name in the above steps. In the data source dialog reselect the appropriate table and configure any security information.

You might want to fix some of the properties of the cube. Check out for some rules that we think are important.


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Adam Cogan
Grant Paisley