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Microsoft tools are the most important tools I have. I spend most of my time using Outlook, Visual Studio.NET, and SQL Server Management Studio. However Microsoft tools don't do everything. Rather than spending my time recreating the wheel, I am always on the look out for non-Microsoft options or extensions that will save me time. After all, a spanner might get a plumber through 90% of jobs, but he'll get stuck on the last 10% if he doesn't carry anything else. I carry these tools in my Tool Box every day. I hope you find them useful.

Note: I have included a few of SSW's utilities - but not for the purpose of plugging them. Originally this was an internal document for our new developers to make them know the non Microsoft software we recommended they use. I was going to remove but I think they add value....

Do you agree with them all? Are we missing some? Let Adam know what you think.

Am I missing any tools on this list?

I only know what I know. I love the opportunity to review great products and speak about them at developer conferences and user groups. Feel free to email Adam any ones I have missed.



Adam Cogan