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I've been putting together Development Guidelines for my employer and in the process have reviewed many published standards (in the .Net arena) from around the world. In each category, the suggestions at SSW are always among the best. Leon Bambrick -

Microsoft tools are the most important tools I have. I spend most of my time using Outlook, Visual Studio.NET, and SQL Server Management Studio. However Microsoft tools don't do everything. Rather than spending my time recreating the wheel, I am always on the look out for non-Microsoft options or extensions that will save me time. After all, a spanner might get a plumber through 90% of jobs, but he'll get stuck on the last 10% if he doesn't carry anything else. I carry these tools in my Tool Box every day. I hope you find them useful.

Note: I have included a few of SSW's utilities - but not for the purpose of plugging them. Originally this was an internal document for our new developers to make them know the non Microsoft software we recommended they use. I was going to remove but I think they add value....

Do you agree with them all? Are we missing some? Let Adam know what you think.

Am I missing any tools on this list?

I only know what I know. I love the opportunity to review great products and speak about them at developer conferences and user groups. Feel free to email Adam any ones I have missed.



Adam Cogan