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Now we will guide you through the use of 'SSW Data PRO!', using a step by step tutorial.


Lets image your client purchased your database last year. Now they want some changes made to the structure of their database to suit their needs.

In the following examples we will explore how you can continue developing the new version in your office and when you are ready, you just send your client the new front end. When the client installs and opens up their new version, it will detect that they had an old back end structure and automatically make all the required changes to their data mdb.


Following the steps in the tutorial example will modify the sample database NorthwindDATA.mdb that comes with 'SSW Data PRO!'.

There is a golden rule for all new databases. Before deploying always run 'SSW Data PRO!' at least once. This is so future versions of the front end can determine the version of the backend. So for the purpose of this demo, you should create a backup (copy) of the NorthwindDATA.mdb file and name it NorthwindDATABackup.mdb. Then perform the following tutorial steps on NorthwindDATA.mdb.

It is assumed that you have installed 'SSW Data PRO!' and will toggle between the tutorial and utility when following instructions.

It is strongly recommended that you follow all step by step instructions to reduce learning time.

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