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SSW Diagnostics

This utility checks that your system is up-to-date.

To better enable our developers to analyze your problem, it helps if we collect information about your system. This application will collect that information and then email it to our developers, you may view the information before you send it if you wish.

SSW Diagnostics User Guide

1. Prerequisites
2. User Guide

  1. Prerequisites

    1. To install, view the Installation User Guide     No install needed now as now a Click Once app
    2. To register, view the Registration User Guide     No registration needed now as free

  2. User Guide

    SSW Diagnostics - Welcome screen
    Figure: The first screen of SSW Diagnostics provides a brief introduction to the scanning process

    SSW Diagnostics - Selecting the data source
    Figure: It gives the options to perform a fresh scan or to view the last report

    SSW Diagnostics - Settings
    Figure: Select the directories you would like to scan

    SSW Diagnostics - To begin Scanning
    Figure: Reviews the scan settings before scanning starts

    SSW Diagnostics - Scanning
    Figure: The SSW Diagnostics performing the scanning process

    SSW Diagnostics - Results
    Figure: The result screen shows old or latest version of the installed software, marked by red-cross and green-tick symbol.

    Submit Report to SSW
    Figure: Email the report to SSW Diagnostics Team for any assistance or feedback

    Figure: Diagnostics process Completed