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Mail merge HTML emails simply with SSW Email Merge PRO!

SSW Email Merge PRO! makes sending bulk email a breeze. Especially useful for periodical email newsletters, it provides real time tracking information and reports on bounced emails, enabling you to keep your subscribers list clean and up-to-date.

SSW EmailMergePRO User Guide
1. Prerequisites
2. User Guide
3. Other Screens
4. FAQ


1. To install, view the Installation User Guide
2. To register, view the Registration User Guide

User Guide

When you run the install exe there is a simple wizard interface to guide you thru the setup process.

SSW Email Merge PRO Setup

When you run the SSW Email Merge PRO there wil be a step by step wizard to guide you thru the Email process.

  1. Run SSW Email Merge PRO - Welcome screen - Select Start from the begining.
    Note: If you want to resume from the last sent log, select Resume.

    Email Merge PRO-Welcome

  2. Select the html file you wish to use
    • Hints on creating HTM files:
      1. Front Page is a perfect tool
      2. Use full URLs, not relative paths
      3. Ensure there is no scripting in the page

    Email Merge PRO-Select newsletter

  3. Select the address you wish to send from, any required attachments, the Subject and the mail server
  4. Email Merge PRO-Email details

  5. If the "From" address is not in the list, you can add a new address
  6. Email Merge PRO-Options

  7. Send a test email to selected recipients
  8. Generate subscriber list
    • Use custom database to generate the list
      • Select the database where your subscribers reside, select the table and field which contains the email addresses.
      • Email Merge PRO-what you want to send

    • Use Microsoft CRM data to generate the list
      • Change connection string to point to CRM Database and use custom SQL statement to generate your list, e.g:

        SELECT DISTINCT emailaddress1 FROM Contact WHERE donotsendmm = 0 AND emailaddress1 is not null AND emailaddress1 LIKE '%@%'

      • CRM Database

  9. View the recipients if required
  10. Email Merge PRO-Recipients

  11. Send the Mail Merge
  12. Email Merge PRO-Send newsletter

  13. SSW Email Merge PRO! informs you of progress
  14. Email Merge PRO-Processing

  15. SSW Email Merge PRO! reports on how many emails were send, and how long it took to send them
  16. Email Merge PRO-Finish

  17. Using sent email log you can view the history of sent emails.
  18. Sent log

Other Screens

  • You can resume the process by selecing any sent log from the list on step 1.
  • Other Screens

  • You can mail merge into your newsletter using database field on step 5.
  • Merge Header,Body & Footer

  • You will have the report for the result of your email process.
  • Email Merge PRO-Result


1. What is the difference between using Email Merge PRO! and the email merge within Microsoft Word?