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Do you want to change careers and become a full stack developer? Come to this tech breakfast and find out how you can become a full stack developer in 9 weeks.

During this session you will:

  • Learn what the hottest technologies enterprise companies are looking for in their new recruits
  • Discover the most effective ways to learn full stack development
  • Meet a dietitian who became a developer in 9 weeks
  • Have access to industry professionals who can help you make the change


Session 1 - The hottest in demand technologies every developer should know in 2015
Presenter: Andrew Coates – Microsoft Developer Evangelist
There are so many buzz words and technologies around today that it can be very confusing to know where to start. Andrew Coates from Microsoft will teach you which in demand technologies to learn that will put you at the top of any recruitment list.

Session 2 - The fastest ways to learn a new development technology for 2015
Presenter: Adam Cogan – Microsoft Regional Director & SSW Chief Architect
Mastering a new development skill can take a long time, but becoming productive and job ready isn’t that hard. Adam will teach you how the developers at SSW get productive in new development skills really fast so you can be on the cutting edge in your career.

Session 3 - How to market yourself to get your dream development job
Presenter: Marlon Marescia – Program Manager at FireBootCamp
Whether you are a student fresh out of university or a seasoned developer wanting to shift technologies it can be daunting to secure your first job in a skillet. Marlon will explain the tried and tested methods to develop your career so you are not just another programmer on the market, but someone who is in demand.

Session 4 - How I went from dietician to my first developer job in 2014
Presenter: Duncan Hunter – Ex-dietician, new Software developer
Duncan Hunter was a dietician a few months ago. Today he is a developer at one of Australia's leading Microsoft Gold Partners. Hear Duncan explain the steps he took to secure his first job with no degree and no commercial experience.

Course Schedule

  • Duration
    • 2 hours
  • Price
    • Free

Location Details

SSW Sydney

SSW Chapel
Suite 13, 81-91 Military Road
Neutral Bay, NSW 2089

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Tuesday 9th December at 9:00am