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For 10 years we've been running Brain Quest around the country showing off the new features of VS and ALM. It's now more important than ever that we start turning our teams into well-oiled machines using great DevOps practices. So we are happy to announce the first DevOps SuperPowers .

  • Price (ex GST)
    • $190
  • Hosted
    • Microsoft

This half day training course brings developers up-to-speed on the new features and benefits of DevOps.

With detailed insight into a gathering requirements, planning, coding, testing, releasing and feedback handling, attendees will leave with a strong understanding of how to embrace DevOps in their organization regardless of the organization size.

Your trainer will be of the finest ALM experts in Australia. Depending on the city will either be Adam Cogan or Danijel Malik, both Microsoft Visual Studio ALM MVPs. Rest assured that they will have plenty of war stories to tell as well as sharing with you best practices for everything between a small or an enterprise team.

If part of this story sounds like your team then this is the course for you.

Let's start at the beginning!

Scrum is one of the pillars of modern development, but it doesn't save you from going wrong if you start off on the wrong foot. There are a lot of pitfalls before your software goes to production, and you will learn about the most common mistakes and bad decisions that are taken in a hurry to get the product out.

Did you know a simple ASP.NET application can turn out into a nightmare for an entire IT team. Starting with vague requirements and short deadline developers will pave their way out of hell... and back in. Many developers know what it’s like to inherit a web application using the following technologies:

  • Visual Studio 2016
  • ASP.NET Web App running on Windows Azure
  • SQL Server Database
  • One-Click Publish
  • Elmah and NLog for logging
  • IntelliTrace

Get rid of your fears

Teams often then will come up with new ways of logging their code activities, setting up additional environments and ensuring their code gets tested before it goes into production. Their primary goal will be to fail fast so they will be looking at tools like:

  • Application Insights for insightful logging
  • Selenium for automated UI testing
  • TFS/VSO Build for Continuous Integration
  • Octopus Deploy and Release Management for automated deployments

A whole new Universe

If they’ve done the above then it's safe to say that the team is doing really well now. However with more users being added, their application starts to perform below par, and they need to do something about it. They know that some old code needs to be refactored in order to speed up the application. To help the team react to and preempt situations, they will start thinking beyond the deployment and try to close the DevOps loop. They'll collect client feedback, assess performance counters, and handle their technical debt using the following tools:

  • Microsoft Feedback Client for gathering the client feedback
  • Application Insights and other tools for Performance Monitoring
  • SonarQube for Code Analysis
  • IntelliTest to help reduce the technical debt

Location Venues

Brisbane TBA Times: 9AM - 1PM
Melbourne TBA Times: 9AM - 1PM
Sydney SSW Chapel
Suite 15
81 - 91 Military Road
Neutral Bay
Directions from CBD
Times: 9AM - 1PM
Auckland TBA Times: 9AM - 1PM