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Hi, Damo and Stevo here,

We know a developer, Lucy, who has been working with ASP.NET MVC for a while and she's pretty good at it.

She used the demos online to learn and has quite a few projects under her belt, but she's been having trouble finding any examples of large applications to learn from.

Lucy is at the stage where she wants to take her MVC development to the next level so she can write scalable, testable, and maintainable data-driven solutions for enterprise.

Let's move on from the basic proof-of-concept code samples you and Lucy have found online. We are going to show you how to take your applications to the enterprise like we do at SSW.

What you'll learn

This course focuses on how to work with data in enterprise MVC solutions. By the end of the course, attendees will know:

  • Application Architecture - Find out how to structure an MVC application to be scalable, maintainable, and reliable for modern enterprises
  • User Interface Considerations - Building on the previous session, you will learn about how and why to implement the Unit of Work and Repository patterns in MVC

Course Outline

Section 1 - Understanding Enterprise Architecture

  • How to structure MVC for the enterprise
  • How Enterprise architecture differs from most available samples and tutorials

Section 2 - Enterprise Data Access

  • Entity Framework - the best data solution for MVC
  • Enterprise patterns - the best way to manage your data access
  • Using repositories to abstract your data implementation
  • Implementing the Unit for Work pattern

Section 3 - Advanced Tips and Tricks for Unit Testing MVC

  • Advanced techniques for unit testing in ASP.NET MVC

Section 4 - Putting it all Together

  • Using everything you've learned


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Each attendee receives for free:

If you book more than one day of our Enterprise MVC course (Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4), you can also receive:

  • Book 2 courses: JustCode + 1 x JustMock (valued $399)
  • Book 3 courses: JustCode, JustMock and 1 x KendoUI Web (valued $399)
  • Book 4 courses: JustCode, JustMock, KendoUI Web, and 1 x JustTrace (valued $399)

That's up to $1,446 in extra value!

Target Audience

This course is intended for:

  • Professional MVC Developers who need to build scalable, testable, maintainable solutions. Ninjas.


Before attending this course, it is recommended that students have the following skills:

  • C#
  • ASP .NET Web development skills
  • *have attended the SSW MVC Essentials course*

Course Materials

  • After the course you will receive an email with links to the PowerPoint slides, the source code, and the hands on lab exercises.

Lab Requirements

  • If you wish to complete the hands on lab, you will need to bring a laptop with Visual Studio 2012 (any edition) installed.
  • (If you don’t have a suitable laptop you can hire a laptop from SSW, or share a laptop with another attendee.)

Your trainers


With over ten years of experience both in software development and business analysis roles, Damian has had exposure to a large number of industries including government and finance. A software architect with a wide skillset, he is able to use his excellent technical skills and knowledge of business process to deliver the most effective solutions to our clients.

Link to Damian's profile

Link to Damian's blog

Adam Stephensen

Adam S is a senior developer with a decade of experience performing needs analysis, designing and building scalable, database-driven, distributed enterprise solutions incorporating web and windows interfaces.

Link to Adam's profile

Link to Adam's blog

Attend the Online GoToWebinar session of the full day MVC course if you are unable to attend a location.

Only $80 + GST for 8 hours of training!

Course Schedule

  • Duration
    • 1 day
  • Price
    • $400 + GST
  • Perth
    13th June 2013
  • Adelaide
    19th June 2013
  • Melbourne
    21st June 2013
  • Brisbane
    25th June 2013
  • Sydney
    28th June 2013
  • *NEW* Online
    28th June 2013

Location Details

Sydney (SSW)

Gateway Court,
Suite 13, 81-91 Military Road
Neutral Bay, NSW 2089

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Level 12, Aurora Building
147 Pirie Street
Adelaide SA 5000

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Level 28, 400 George Street
Brisbane QLD 4000

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Walter Turnbull Building
Level 2, 44 Sydney Ave
Barton ACT 2600

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Level 5, 4 Freshwater Pl
Southbank VIC 3006

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Level 3, 100 St Georges Terrace
Perth WA 6000

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Course Details:


1 day


$400 + GST

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