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Turn your Inbox into a task-tracking system with SSW eXtreme Emails!

Dont let your Inbox get out of control. More than a bug tracking software for Outlook, SSW eXtreme Emails manage your email effectively. Allocate tasks, set priorities, assign due dates and get Progress Reports without re-entering any data and working in the familiar Microsoft Outlook environment. Written in .NET, this Outlook COM Add-In let’s you take control of your email.

SSW eXtreme Emails! User Guide
1. Prerequisites
2. SSW eXtreme Emails! User Guide
3. Reports
4. Report Customisation
5. Using Exchange Server with SSW eXtreme Emails
6. Team Foundation Server (TFS) Integration
7. Tools | Options


1. To install, view the Installation User Guide
2. To register, view the Registration User Guide

SSW eXtreme Emails! User Guide

  1. Install SSW eXtreme Emails! on your client machine.
  2. Open Microsoft Outlook, you will see a new Toolbar appear.
  3. Click on 'Incident' to create a new incident.
  4. eXtreme email toolbar in Outlook
    Figure: Create a new incident
  5. The Incident form will appear once the incident button is clicked. It will allow you to set priorities, set times to complete an Incident and select the project folder.

    Figure: Beginning a new incident
  6. By Selecting the Project tab it will allow you to Allocate the task to a person.

    Figure: Scheduling a new incident
  7. Click 'Save' to attach the incident properties to the email message.
  8. On completion the incident will be moved into a sub folder called zsCompleted within the project directory.

Developer Notes

  1. To create developer notes click 'Add Developer Notes' on the SSW eXtreme Emails! toolbar.

    DevNotes in toolbar
    Figure: The 'Developer Notes' button on the SSW eXtreme Emails! toolbar
  2. Enter the notes in the developer notes text box that you want to include.

    Developer Notes form
    Figure: Use the 'Developer Notes' to add additional notes to yourself when an email is not clear
  3. Click 'Apply' button to enter multiple notes continuously and click 'OK' button to Exit after finished.
  4. Sample Developer Notes appended to the email.

    Sample Developer Notes
    Figure: Sample Developer Notes



With SSW eXtreme Emails! generating reports has never been easier. To generate a report you simply:

  1. Click 'Reports' on the SSW eXtreme Emails! toolbar.
  2. Reports in toolbar
    Figure: The 'Reports' button on the SSW eXtreme Emails! toolbar
  3. Select the report you would like to generate.
  4. Report
    Figure: Selecting a report
  5. Click 'OK' to generate the report.
  6. Report Customization

    With SSW eXtreme Emails!, you are not stuck with the reports that SSW provides.

    SSW eXtreme Emails allows customization of its built-in reports - they are all stored in the Reports subfolder of the eXtreme Emails program directory. You can click the "Customize Reports" button on the reports form to get there.

    Customising a report
    Figure: Customizing a report

    The reports are defined in the industry standard transform language XSL. This is human readable, and can be modified with notepad or more advanced XML/XSL utilities such as XML Spy .

    There are several standard fields that are in the XML file. These can be used in your customized XSL reports. These fields include:

    Field Name


    Data Type


    Incident Unique Identifier



    Priority Number

    Number (1-100). Priority 1 is the highest


    Estimate of How long the Incident will take in hours and minutes



    Actual time the Incident took in hours and minutes



    Sender of Email



    Subject of Outlook Item



    URL to online OWA version of the Incident (properties dont show in OWA though)


    Status The Status of the Incident String
    View sample reports

Using Exchange Server with SSW eXtreme Emails

For operation with Exchange Public folders, we recommend that you have "Publishing Editor" permissions on the folders you are dealing with. This is because you potentially need to do the following

  1. Edit, Create and Delete Items (because a move includes a read, create and a delete)
  2. Create subfolders (as the zsCompleted folder will be created if it does not already exist)
Exchange Server
Figure: Required folder permissions for Exchange Public Folders. Right-click on the folder in outlook and click permissions to get this dialog.

Team Foundation Server (TFS) Integration

With TFS Integration, you can manage your project progress easily by emails.

Integrate with TFS
Figure: Enable TFS support in your eXtreme Emails
Create a Work Item
Figure: Create a Work Item when you make an email an incident
Create a Work Item
Figure: The new work item you created in TFS

Tools | Options

With SSW eXtreme Emails, you can easily customize and empower your project management.

Figure: eXtreme Emails! Settings to Manage Projects
Figure: eXtreme Emails! Settings for Microsoft Exchange Server
Figure: eXtreme Emails! Settings for Integrating with Team Foundation Server (TFS)
Figure: eXtreme Emails! Settings for Advanced options
Figure: eXtreme Emails! Settings for Incident Log Timer Opacity
Figure: eXtreme Emails! Settings for other things like resetting toolbars and settings back to the default