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Toyota Australia chooses SSW's latest .NET application 15th March 2002

New .NET application from SSW leads the way in reporting on the web

Sydney- Toyota Australia has chosen Superior Software for Windows' latest .NET solution - 'SSW Access Reporter .NET for IIS' - to manage their reporting on the web. SSW, a Microsoft Partner, has had previous successful deployments of the product, including the Fisheries Research & Development Corp (FRDC). Based on the popularity of the product in Australia, SSW is taking it on the road to Microsoft Tech Ed in New Orleans to demonstrate it worldwide. Adam Cogan, Managing Director of SSW said: "This is an excellent example of the power and simplicity of .NET in saving time by fulfilling a real need - using Access for easy reporting on the web."

Toyota was looking for a solution to migrate their complicated Microsoft Access reports to their new online ASPX web based application. Cameron Townshend, who was in charge of the project at Toyota said, "We found that migrating all the Access forms to the web solution went well, but it wasn't possible to migrate the quantity of complicated reports we had in the Access database easily or cost effectively. SSW offered an alternative to rewriting all our reports in Crystal and when we saw 'SSW Access Reporter for IIS' we realised we could use our reports on the web as is - saving us rewriting them. It was an easy choice."

SSW's Access Reporter .NET for IIS was developed as a utility to save time by allowing you to use Access reports on the web - delivering reports online instantly. Originally written in VB6, the application was then rewritten as a .NET Windows Service. Cogan said, "We needed to rewrite the utility as a Windows Service and we chose .NET because of the functionality of .NET Remoting. We never expected the .NET version to be so fast. What we really like is that this version doesn't need to write records into a "ReportQueue" table anymore - instead the webpage talks directly to the report server via .NET Remoting. This gives the application immeasurable amounts of performance and speed"

Charles Sterling, .NET Evangelist of Microsoft Australia said, "'Access Reporter .NET for IIS' is an innovative solution from SSW, showing how a utility written on the Microsoft .NET Framework can leverage a customers existing investment in Microsoft Access. We are delighted that Toyota have chosen ASP.NET and 'Access Reporter .NET for IIS' for their current solution"

Townshend said, "SSW has played a pivotal part in the development of migrating our Access application to a Web based solution. We chose them based on their reputation in this area, and specifically in their expertise in .NET. Using 'SSW Access Reporter .NET for IIS' has been extremely successful, and we continue to work with SSW in migrating more applications to browser solutions in the future."

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