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SSW Announces .NET application - SQL Auditor 12th March 2002

New .NET application leads the way for better performing databases

Sydney - SSW, a Microsoft Partner, has today announced the availability of 'SSW SQL Auditor' - a .NET tool for SQL developers that analyzes and reports on the performance of databases. SSW SQL Auditor is truly unique in its ability to offer reports on suggested changes to a database to enhance performance and consistency.

SSW's SQL Auditor was developed as a utility to ensure consistency with the many databases being developed for clients. Adam Cogan, Regional Director of the Microsoft Developer Network and Managing Director of SSW said: "Our core business at SSW is developing databases in SQL Server and .NET, so we needed a simple, non intrusive program to check a given database, and report on exceptions. This tool enables us to do just that and helps us twofold: it saves all developers enormous time in checking errors, but more importantly it gives us a consistent approach for developing all databases. This is priceless when developing as many databases as we do."

Cogan states that this tool has improved client satisfaction dramatically: "the turnaround time for developing databases has improved significantly, with quality and performance also improving, so we are enjoying satisfied clients and low support and service calls."

The tool runs on both SQL Server 7 and 2000 databases. In addition to its auditing function, it also has additional features to help the developer, such as Scripting Timestamps and help in implementing Clustered Indexes.

Terry Clancy, SQL Server Product Manager of Microsoft Australia said, "'SSW SQL Auditor' is a valuable tool for SQL Server developers and .NET development companies as it provides an easier way identify ways to improve database design and performance. It is a great example of how tools built on the Microsoft .NET Framework can provide power and performance for the individual developer. We are proud to be working with SSW in delivering such a valuable tool to the .NET developer community."

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About SSW

Established in 1990, SSW is a premier Microsoft Certified Partner, specialising in building, implementing and maintaining "rich-client" and "browser-based" database applications using Microsoft technologies.

With proven expertise in Access, Visual Basic, VB.NET, ASP, ASP.NET, SQL Server and Exchange Server, SSW offers comprehensive solutions required for projects - from strategic planning of systems and solutions, architecture, development and implementation. We also look after clients long after the project is finished, offering hosting, support and upgrading services.

SSW has worked with powerful clients including Cap Gemini, Accor, Media Monitors, Woven Image, Magna Data, and also run the Sydney .NET Users Group in co-sponsorship with Microsoft. Adam Cogan, Managing Director of SSW, was appointed as one of only two Australian Regional Directors of the Microsoft Developer Network in 2000.

SSW Press Contact

Tim Fletcher
+61 2 9953 3000

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