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Which firm created Commonwealth Bank's new Employee Management System? SSW 20 th February 2007

SSW shows its true talent and expertise in its field by completing a long-term, major project for one of the leading banks in Australia

Sydney, Australia- Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) has chosen SSW to develop a custom Employee Management System to manage the daily activities for thousands of their employees Australia wide. SSW's previous consulting experience for clients as diverse as Westbus, Ernst and Young and City Rail assured CBA that they were in reliable and reputable hands.

CBA's first contact with SSW was through the Sydney .NET User Group, which is a monthly event jointly hosted with Microsoft. " I have been attending SSW's monthly .NET User Groups for a very long time and can honestly say that they have an unsurpassed technical knowledge, experience and standards that they consistently adhere to, so as to make every project right,".

The combined "CommTrack" time sheeting and "MIS Toolbox" management system, recently completed inside its 2 year schedule has contributed significantly to the ease of operation at CBA, and allowed for a 360 view of employee performance. CommTrack application provides the front-end data capturing tool that all employees need to use in order to provide information about their daily activities; whereas the MIS Toolbox provides the enterprise management system for CommTrack.

Adam Cogan, Chief Architect at SSW and Microsoft Regional Director said: "The combinations of CommTrack and MIS Toolbox, allows a small number of business performance managers and system support personnel to adapt quickly to changing business requirements and structures." This meant that a process of adapting to change which previously took 3-4 months and long term planning, can now be accomplished in just 1-5 days and can be easily implemented in parallel to the time the change is occurring in the business itself.

The results were evident. These tools effectively improved CBA's management of their staffing time sheets and allowed HR to better track employee performance and work expectations for their Performance Division. Simon Renton, CBA Manager Finance and Modelling, further added: "The application is getting very good reviews from the user base and we have a queue of people lined up nationally wanting to get on and use it."

Since then, the application has scaled up to 3000 users, with 9% CPU utilisation. It can scale up to 20,000 users without extra hardware. SSW Project Manager, Tim Kremer mentions: "In an industry suffering hugely from slipped deadlines, and failed projects, we are delivering successful projects year after year. We don't lose projects to India based outsourcing firms because our close customer relationships and best practices ensure a superior quality in our solutions".

Adam reinforced this positive change by concluding: "The project was a challenge, however knowing that we made such a positive and a much needed difference is what we had strived for. It was a pleasure to work for CBA."

About SSW

Established in 1990, SSW is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, specialising in building, implementing and maintaining "rich-client" and "browser-based" database applications using Microsoft technologies. With proven expertise in Access, Visual Basic, VB.NET, ASP, ASP.NET, SQL Server and Exchange Server, SSW offers comprehensive solutions required for projects - from strategic planning of systems and solutions, architecture, development and implementation.

We also look after clients long after the project is finished, offering hosting, support and upgrading services. SSW has worked with distinguished clients including Cap Gemini, Accor, Media Monitors, Woven Image, Magna Data, and also run the Sydney .NET Users Group in co-sponsorship with Microsoft. Adam Cogan, Managing Director of SSW, was appointed as one of only two Australian Microsoft Regional Directors in 2000.

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