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SSW cranks up investment in Microsoft .NET 25th February, 2002

SSW commits to the development of Microsoft .NET products and services for developers and managers.


Sydney - SSW, a Microsoft Partner, has announced a major commitment to the Microsoft .NET Platform, with new products and services released and client deals announced.

Microsoft .NET is the platform for XML Web Services, the next generation of software that connects information, devices and people in a personalised way. SSW has released two new products built with the .NET Platform - 'SSW Access Reporter .NET for IIS' and 'SSW SQL Auditor', and have implemented the former product in Toyota Australia with great results.

SSW Adam Cogan, Regional Director of the Microsoft Developer Network and Managing Director of SSW said, "Microsoft .NET has completely changed the landscape as far as the developer is concerned. It is a unique set of tools, giving us the ability to deploy systems to improve performance for our clients".

Cogan said, "Microsoft .NET gives life to rich clients (using Windows Forms). One of the key unique benefits of Microsoft .NET is that rich clients can connect to the same data source via XML Web Services - giving the best user experience. Applications will work on other forms such as PCs, mobile phones, hand held devices.."

"In the past clients needed browser based applications for connectivity at the office and home. This didn't allow a rich user experience and users were limited to two functionalities."

Cogan asserts that the benefit has come in the way of cheaper and quicker development: "With the .NET platform we can deliver rich clients and XML Web Services much quicker than browser based solutions. Our clients are more satisfied as their solution is developed and implemented in a fraction of the time and cost as traditional projects.

SSW have invested in considerable training and skilling of all their employees on Microsoft .NET and are currently in the process of developing more products on the platform. Cogan is also training developers by hosting the monthly '.NET Users Group' at Microsoft headquarters in Ryde, and speaking at a series of '.NET Tech Breakfasts' - once a month morning seminars focusing around a component of .NET.

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About SSW

Established in 1990, SSW is a premier Microsoft Certified Partner, specialising in building, implementing and maintaining "rich-client" and "browser-based" database applications using Microsoft technologies.

With proven expertise in Access, Visual Basic, VB.NET, ASP, ASP.NET, SQL Server and Exchange Server, SSW offers comprehensive solutions required for projects - from strategic planning of systems and solutions, architecture, development and implementation. We also look after clients long after the project is finished, offering hosting, support and upgrading services.

SSW has worked with powerful clients including Cap Gemini, Accor, Media Monitors, Woven Image, Magna Data, and also run the Sydney .NET Users Group in co-sponsorship with Microsoft. Adam Cogan, Managing Director of SSW, was appointed as one of only two Australian Regional Directors of the Microsoft Developer Network in 2000.

SSW Press Contact

Tim Fletcher
+61 2 9953 3000

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