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Essential for performance tuning your Access frontend or for upsizing to SQL Server

SSW Performance PRO! isolates performance bottle-necks in your Access 97, 2000, 2002 or 2003 app. It checks every form, combo and list box, and reviews SQL statements. It reports exactly what to fix to improve the the speed of your application. SSW Performance PRO! is especially useful after you've upsized an application to SQL Server to pinpoint black spots in your app.

SSW Performance PRO! evaluates the speed of your forms so you can work where it will make a difference. It works whether your backend is Access (mdb) or Microsoft SQL Server. It works whether you have a single/multiple backend(s).

This cool utility analyzes every form, every combo and list box, checks the SQL statements and works out the time of executing these SQL statements - obviously you will get the best results if your Access database is linked to server across the network. After you use the generated reports, you can optimize design of your forms and controls without any worries.

You know you shouldn't have large record sets in your database... Microsoft Access developers too often use forms and combos bound to large tables or slow queries. Let this wizard analyze your front end database and tell you what forms are slow and what controls are the culprits in each form. Now use your development time on the things that really matter. Then re-analyze and see your progress.

Figure: SSW Performance PRO! provides a simple wizard interface to report exactly what to fix to improve the the speed of your application
SSW Performance PRO! User Guide
1. Prerequisites
2. Installation Guide
3. User Guide
4. Testing for broken bindings
  1. Prerequisites

    1. To install, view the Installation User Guide
    2. To register, view the Registration User Guide

  2. Installation Guide

    When you run the install exe there is a simple wizard interface to guide you through the setup process. All you have to do is select which directory you want SSW Performance PRO! to be installed into.

  3. Running SSW Performance PRO! Wizard

    BEFORE running SSW Performance PRO! check:

    • macro Autoexec should be renamed to _Autoexec
    • 'User and Group Permissions' for the table MSysObjects should be set to 'Administer'.

    When you run the SSW Code Auditor there will be a step by step wizard to guide you through the audit process.

    Figure: Run SSW Performance PRO!

    Figure: Select Access application type and path

    Figure: Select options

    Figure: Select control type

    Figure: Select ADODB or DAO recordset

    Figure: Select form(s) to be processed

    Figure: Select form(s) to be processed

    Figure: Results of processing

    1. Click Start to begin scanning. Do not interrupt the process as the results may be inaccurate.
    2. Examine the reports that are produced; follow the instructions on the reports to fix your form/control performance.

    Note: If you are using an unregistered version of SSW Performance PRO! only 70 percent of all forms are processed.

  4. Testing for broken bindings

    It is essential that if any of your forms and controls have their RecordSource or ControlSource set to a table (as is likely the case), you must ensure that linkages to the table are not broken. The last thing you want is for a user to open a form, only to find a whole lot of errors because the underlying fields or tables have had their name changed or been removed.

    SSW Performance PRO! automatically checks for broken bindings. Follow these steps to simulate a broken table reference and detect and fix it using Performance PRO!.

    1. Make a backup of Northwind.mdb in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office 2003\OFFICE11\SAMPLES
    2. Open Northwind.mdb
    3. Rename the Customers table to Customers2
    4. Open the Customers form. Notice how it doesn't open at all - this is expected because you just renamed the Customers table.
    5. Close all open Access databases
    6. Run SSW Performance PRO!.
    7. Browse for the Northwind.mdb which you had open previously.
    8. Click Finish to begin analyzing the database.
    9. Performance PRO! produces a report that shows all forms that could not find the Customers table.
    10. Go through the list and fix up the record sources and control sources until the forms work.

    Figure: SSW Performance PRO! produces an easy-to-follow report that shows you exactly where errors have occurred in your Access database.