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SQL Server replication is a fantastic piece of functionality but can lead to a database administration nightmare. Data conflicts are a common occurrence and require constant attention. SSW SQL Total Compare reports the differences between the Publisher and Subscribers databases and makes the changes necessary to fully synchronize the data.

Note: This product was developed in VB6 - new development is on hold.
The source code is available for purchase for $1500US

SSW SQL Total Compare is a valuable tool for SQL Server replication. The amount of conflicts I had before using SSW Total Compare was huge!! It made the previously difficult task of achieving full synchronization as easy as clicking the 'ok' button. Highly recommend this product to all.

Guy Saunders, Database Administrator, Fast Cue

Key Features & Benefits

SSW SQL Total Compare is designed for SQL Server databases using SQL Server Replication. Total Compare helps DBA's to resolve conflicts between the two databases allowing synchronization without conflicts. Total Compare also compares data between two non-replicated databases.

  1. Compare data in 2 SQL Server databases
    • Easily identify conflicting data
  2. Eliminate conflicts not resolved by SQL Server Synchronize
    • Add missing records to either the publisher or its subscriber
    • Delete of records
    • Update out of sync records
  3. Synchronize and Conflict Viewer installed with SQL Total Compare
    • Use the Synchronize tool to synchronize the changes you make.
    • Use the Conflict Viewer tool to view any conflicts (if any arise).

If you have Microsoft SQL Server installed on your target machine, then you can synchronize the changes from Enterprise Manager.

Figure: SSW SQL Total Compare helps DBA's to resolve conflicts between two databases allowing synchronization without conflicts

More screen shots in the User Guide

User Guide

Welcome to the User Guide . This help facility is designed to quickly get you up and running using our software.

Demonstration Options
  • If you are in Sydney, call today for a free no-obligation demonstration at your office!
  • If you are not in Sydney, please take advantage of our SSW Phone Walkthrough. The SSW Phone Walkthrough is a service where we will call you, anywhere in the world and once you have installed our product we will guide you over the important features of the software. Saves you time, playing around with the software trying to work out all the useful features, please email us today.

Awards and Ratings

Our SSW Products are also listed on Shareware web sites. Some of these sites review and/or rate our products. Here's how our products rated on other third party sites.

Shareware River review for the product Shareware River review

How it works

Four scripts have been included in the installation directory with SSW SQL Total Compare. These scripts are used to create four stored procedures that are used by this tool. These stored procedures are created on the first or publisher database when the tool is first run on the publisher database.

The four stored procedures are:

  • ProcSSWSQLTotalCompareMergeReplicColumnsWithoutText
  • ProcSSWSQLTotalCompareMergeReplicDifferencesSelect
  • ProcSSWSQLTotalCompareMergeReplicMissingSelect
  • ProcSSWSQLTotalCompareMergeReplicSyncCreateTable

Two linked servers are also created on the first or publisher database when the tool is first run on the publisher database. One linked server is created for the first or publisher server called SSWSQLTotalCompare_SERVERNAME. A second linked server is created for the second or subscriber server called SSWSQLTotalCompare_SERVERNAME.

SSW SQL Total Compare works by utilizing the four stored procedures that are executed to check for missing records and/or differences in the records. It also creates and updates an essential table called zs_TableSummary.

System Requirements

  • MDAC 2.6 You are going to a site outside of SSW
  • SQL Server 7.0/SQL Server 2000 You are going to a site outside of SSW
  • SQL Server does not need to be installed on the target machine, it only needs to be on a machine on your Local Area Network (LAN)
  • Every SQL Server table has a column of the type unique identifier (guid)
  • ntext and picture data types and databases that have a different collation order cannot be compared

What does the unregistered version give me?

In respect to the unregistered version we know you want to see it working before you buy it. We aim for that.
Note: we also give free version targeted to the little guys
More details see http://www.ssw.com.au/ssw/KB/KB.aspx?KBID=Q658302

SSW provides free phone and email support to answer queries on registered products.

Getting Support

If you can't find what you are looking for in the product documentation then check our knowledge base for further information and tips about this product.

Please send us bug reports and feedback so that we can evolve our software into a product that matches your requirements. We guarantee a response.

For SQL Server consulting or development, feel free to contact us.


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