SSW's core area of competency is in developing custom database applications. We have the expertise to deliver anything from a Microsoft Access frontend with an on premise SQL Server database through to an enterprise web application with SQL Server as your data repository hosted on Microsoft Azure. SSW’s consultants have implemented many projects using these technologies, and can help your organization with any level of project involvement. We are frequently requested to design large enterprise architectures, solve performance problems and implement entire systems.


  • Your Database architecture & development complies with Industry Best Practices
  • Strong in-house team of experts ensures any problems are solved quickly
  • We recommend the best technologies for the best return on investment


Microsoft SQL Server

SQL Server is Microsoft's enterprise level database platform. Being used as the backend database for the majority of Microsoft based IT solutions, it has numerous features to ensure high availability, scalability, data integrity & performance.

Microsoft Azure SQL Database

Azure SQL Database is Microsoft's managed cloud relational SQL Database as-a-service.

Azure SQL's unique features include learning application patterns to adaptively tune performance and automatically improve reliability and data protection; on the fly scalability with virtually no downtime; and built-in security features to help you meet the most stringent regulatory compliances.

How can we help

SSW consultants are often called in to:

  • Implement custom database solutions
  • Conduct architectural reviews & audits
  • Optimise stored procedures
  • Develop disaster recovery plans & measures
  • Implement Replication, Archiving, Database Mirroring & full text searching
  • Develop Reporting & Business Intelligence solutions using Analysis Services & Reporting Services
  • Implement XML Instances
  • Implement Spatial Data representing physical locations and shapes of geometric objects
  • Implement .NET CLR Integration functionality
  • Implement In-Memory (OLTP) Optimization
  • Integrate & Manipulate Data from many sources using DTS/Integration Services
  • Deliver In-house staff training events

SSW has developed several SQL developer tools to increase the quality of your solutions:

SSW consultants are well versed in Best Practices for SQL Server development. This ensures a higher level of quality in our solutions: Take a look at:

Australia Wide

We have consultants available in all Australian capital cities including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Canberra.

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