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SSW Web Pager is a utility that sends any web page to your inbox. This utility has many applications - from emailing you the latest news daily to emailing  daily and monthly HTML reports to your administrator. Everything you need will be in one centralized location - the Inbox , saving you from opening many web pages to view all the pages you visit daily.

It's perfect for:

  • for the millions of page that don't have an RSS feed
  • for emailing you news pages before you hop on the train to work
  • for checking a webpage with all your server status so you know what up or down

Key Features & Benefits

The main SSW Web Pager features are:

  • Sends Web pages to your Inbox
  • Centralized work area, all your websites in your Inbox
  • Able to daily or monthly reports in HTML form to Inbox

How it Works

When you run the SSW Web Pager there will be a step by step wizard to guide you through the process.

The application is split into two processes. The first process is the configuration step, the second is the mailer step.

View the Web Pager User Guide for more information.

Sample Mail

SSW Web Pager Sends web pages to your Inbox, For Example:

Figure: Google News delivered to your inbox

The email comes to your inbox XHTML compliant

The purpose for this is to implement a feature in a later release that will be able to highlight new changes from the previous schedule email by doing an XML diff on the XHTML.

Figure: XHTML Source Code

System Requirements

Getting Support

If you can't find what you are looking for in the product documentation then check our knowledge base for further information and tips about this product.

Please send us bug reports and [email protected] so that we can evolve our software into a product that matches your requirements. We guarantee a response.

Video Demo

See SSW Web Pager in action. Download the SSW Web Pager Video Demo (6.2mb).

Windows Media
Figure: SSW Web Pager Video Demo

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