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Angular Dev Superpowers Tour

Jump-start your Angular development and learn to build a complete Angular application in one day. From Angular CLI to end-to-end testing, you will master core concepts, tools, and best practices.

1 Day
$99 inc GST
3rd (Wed) April 2024
9AM - 5PM
4th (Thu) April 2024
9AM - 5PM
5th (Fri) April 2024
9AM - 5PM
Hosted by SSW



Understanding Angular

  • Angular in 20 minutes – the big picture
  • Intro to the Angular CLI

Building A CRM Application

  • Building your first components
  • Navigation and Routing
  • NgModules vs standalone components
  • Creating the companies list view
  • Creating services and understanding Dependency Injection
  • Creating the companies detail view
  • Using Reactive Forms for the companies edit view
  • Adding validation
  • State Management using RxJs
  • Angular Signals


  • Unit testing with Jasmine

Enterprise patterns with redux and ngrx

  • Implementing redux with ngrx

Shipping to Production

  • Building, bundling and deploying your application


Picture of Matt Wicks
Matt Wicks

Matt is an elite SSW Solution Architect who runs the Newcastle office. Matt stands out in the tech landscape as a certified Scrum Master, an Octopus Insider, and is GitHub accredited. From the early days when .NET 2 was still in beta, Matt has been capitalizing on the full potential of the Microsoft stack, coding his way to ingenious solutions that deliver significant business value.

Picture of Luke Cook
Luke Cook

He has spent the last 15 years in the Fintech and Paytech industry, designing and building software solutions that are used by thousands of Australian businesses. He has worked closely with the ATO in many of their industry initiatives, including SuperStream and Single Touch Payroll. Luke enjoys solving complex business processes in ways that make things easy for everyday users.

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Everything has changed! Angular and modern web best practices involve massive changes in how we build modern web applications.

At SSW we have already gone through the hard work of implementing these new and exciting technologies in our projects for everything from small start-ups to enterprises and government agencies. View our Angular consulting page.

Come watch our best Angular devs build an Angular application from scratch and take it all the way to an enterprise application using all the best tools and practices.

Don't waste weeks learning Angular, the Angular CLI, RxJS, TypeScript, ngrx, NPM, WebPack, end to end testing and unit testing. Get your head around all the core concepts and get jump started in just one day.

Trusted by more than 1000+ clients in the world

Our software developers & consultants have delivered the best in the business to more than 1,000 clients in 15 countries.

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