Do you conduct a "Test Please"?

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Test, test, test! Testing is the most critical part of any project. You should get another set of eyes to check the work (aka conduct a "Test Please") before delivering the feature. This ensures the client has a great experience when receiving a quality application with confidence that it performs as expected.

Video: Test Test Test! | William Liebenberg | SSW Rules (2 min)

good first impressions
Figure: Do you want users to have a good first impression?

Does the "Test Please" principle apply to more than code?

Yes! You almost always want a "Test Please". We usually want a second pair of eyes to catch unseen errors! This isn't necessary for small changes e.g. spelling mistakes.

If you are writing code, your Pull Request (PR) is your "Test Please".
Tip #1: You should do an over the shoulder PR review
Tip #2: Embrace Proactive Testing – If you anticipate potential feedback on the User eXperience (UX) after your code is merged and deployed, ensure it is tested by a team member in the development environment. This will save tears when it reaches production.

If you are writing an email, a Checked By is your "Test Please".

If you are doing anything else (e.g. updating a Word doc or preparing a PowerPoint presentation), you should still get a 2nd set of eyes to check the work and document it somewhere.

Figure: Good Example - Sometimes it's good to soften the blow with some humour when you have to fail a "test please" email

Note: If the test to be performed is quick and the tester is available on the spot, consider using a "checked by" style instead to save some time.

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