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Quality - Do you know how to request a "test please"?

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These are the steps you should take when request a "test please":

  1. Find two free testers to send the email below
  2. Stop working on the project until you receive either a "pass" or "fail" email
  3. Create your "test please" following this template:

What if you're doing a Windows Forms test?

Then you should also include this to the email: * The latest version of [Product Name] has been uploaded to \frog\SSW\Download[Application_verX-XX_beta.exe * Test on a fresh VPC image of Windows * Install into a non-default directory * Check the installation folder for misplaced items * Test Unit Tests via "Help - Run Unit Tests" * (If Applicable)Test the "Create" and "Reconcile" buttons. Read Rules to Better .NET Projects * Test open and closing forms and saving values * Test most buttons and menus and links * Disable your network connection and test again (check for unhandled errors) * If your test fails, please rename the executable to Application_verX-XX_failed.exe

What if you are doing an email test?

* DO NOT add Test Please to the subject. (it is too easy to forget later!)
* Instead, add "Test please" with a yellow highlight to the top of the email body.

Note to developer: If current version is better than the last version you can release (even with a test fail) as long: * The bugs reported in the test fail existed in the old version * Two people have tested it * The changes in this version are fairly important to get out * You get to work on the failures ASAP

For clients on fixed price contracts, this email marks the start of the 30 day warranty period.

Use TFS to email the work items to the project manager and client:

tfs backlog email
Figure: TFS makes it easy to export work items

tfs backlog email 2
Figure: How the email is generated

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