Do you use Entra Access Packages to give access to resources?

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In today's complex digital landscape, managing user access to resources can be a daunting task for organizations. Entra Access Packages emerge as a game-changer in this scenario, offering a streamlined and efficient approach to identity and access management.

By bundling related resources into cohesive packages, they simplify the process of granting, reviewing, and revoking access. This not only reduces administrative overhead but also enhances security by ensuring that users have the right permissions at the right time. Furthermore, with built-in automation features like approval workflows and periodic access reviews, organizations can maintain a robust and compliant access governance structure. Adopting Azure Access Packages is a strategic move for businesses aiming to strike a balance between operational efficiency and stringent security.

❌ Bad Example - Manually Requesting Access via Email

In the old-fashioned way, users would send an email to the SysAdmins requesting access to a specific resource. This method is prone to errors, lacks an audit trail, and can lead to security vulnerabilities.

Figure: Bad example - This requires manual changes by a SysAdmin

✅ Good Example - Requesting Access via

Instead of manually sending emails, users can request access through, which provides a streamlined, auditable, and secure method.

  1. Navigate to

    screenshot 2023 08 23 214846
    Navigate to

  2. Search for the desired resource or access package.

    screenshot 2023 08 23 215159
    Figure: Search for the required resource

  3. Request Access by selecting the appropriate access package and filling out any necessary details.

    screenshot 2023 08 23 215532
    Request Access

  4. Wait for approval from the people responsible for the resource

    If you require immediate access ping them on Teams

Steps to Create an Access Package

  1. Open Azure Portal: Navigate to Azure Active Directory | Identity Governance | Access packages.

    screenshot 2023 08 23 220334
    Figure: Navigate to Azure portal | Access packages | New Access package

  2. New Access Package: Click on + New access package.
  3. Fill Details: Provide a name, description, and select the catalog for the access package.

    screenshot 2023 08 23 221623
    Figure: Fill out the details and choose a catalog

  4. Define Resources: Add the resources (applications, groups, SharePoint sites) that users will get access to when they request this package.

    screenshot 2023 08 23 222048
    Figure: Add the required resources

  5. Set Policies: Define who can request the package, approval workflows, duration of access, and other settings.

    screenshot 2023 08 23 222124
    Figure: Choose the types of users that can request access

    screenshot 2023 08 23 222210
    Figure: Choose policies that match the level of access

  6. Review and Create: Ensure all details are correct and then create the access package.

    screenshot 2023 08 23 222746
    Figure: Review the settings and create the policy

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