Pre event - Do you know how to facilitate a Brainstorming day?

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At an annual Brainstorming day, employees are invited to share their ideas, give feedback, and pick the best one to work on. The benefits of Brainstorming are well understood, but to focus the productivity on something useful, it is important to have a system for suggesting, voting, and working on ideas. Brainstorming days also require a lot of preparation leading up to the day and follow-up work afterwards.

Here is the schedule that should be followed.

  1. Book in a day - this should be done months before the Brainstorming day to allow time for planning and for people to think of ideas.
  2. 4 weeks before - Pre event - Idea Farming and refinement
  3. 1 week before - Pre event - Team allocation and setup
  4. 1 day before - Pre event - Brainstorming Intro Presentation
  5. Brainstorming day agenda
  6. Post event - Brainstorming Retro
  7. Post event - Digesting Brainstorming
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