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Do you know how to justify your rates?

Created on 21 Aug 2018 | Last updated by Tiago Araujo on 21 Aug 2018 05:50 PM (over 2 years ago)

Unless you're the <1% of companies who competes based purely on price, you will need to be able to explain why your services are more expensive than 1 or more of your competitors.

In the bespoke software space, this is easy, as your clients are not buying something generic, and quality matters. Here's how we do it:

From our research, our rates are in the top 1/3rd of our Australian competitors, and I understand that this can seem high, so let's try to highlight a few reasons why we more than justify these high rates:

  • Statistically, more than half of all IT projects fail

    • SSW has been around for over 25 years and has only ever had 2 failed projects
  • We ensure this through the following:

    • Our Lean Startup methodologies mean we focus clearly on the Minimum Viable Product
    • A strong and strict Scrum process gives visibility into priorities, progress, and problems to the whole team and the Product Owner
    • Our arduous hiring process ensures we only have the most technically proficient consultants with the best communication skills
    • A strong focus on rules and best practices ensure that we are consistently delivering high-quality solutions
    • Our community involvement (User groups, Hack Days, MS Events, etc.)  helps us to rub shoulders with the other thought leaders in our industry  and stay ahead of the game
    • Our strong partnership with Microsoft (our owner is 1 of only 3 Microsoft Regional Directors in Australia) makes sure we have support when we need it
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