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Notifications - Do you know how to see what’s going on in your project?

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Imagine you’ve been on vacation for several weeks (lucky you!) and on returning you want to see what’s been happening in your project in your absence. If your project used a “team” within Microsoft Teams, you’d easily be able to review the team’s conversations and progress. You’d be able to see what issues have arisen and where the team has been spending their time.

A "team" is a great way for teams to communicate and have a persistent forum to share information and discuss project related topics. The extensibility of a team also allows the addition of tabs that integrate with 3rd party applications to bring timely and relevant information into the team site. This allows team members to see at a glance what has been happening on the project.

You can also add Bots to communicate on your channel, or, even better, Apps! You can add Apps that let you, for example, be notified of any # uses in Twitter that you want to monitor, or Facebook Pages that you want to follow. This is great for the Marketing team!

To: All Developers Subject: What’s been happening on SSWTimePro in the last couple of weeks

Hi Devs, I’ve been away for a couple of weeks. Can you tell me what’s the latest?

Figure: Bad example - Broad email asking what’s been happening

Teams can keep you abreast of all the events happening on your project.

Teams Notifications
Good example: See that a record of team conversations, builds, and deployments

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