Do you have an Endomarketing (Internal Marketing) strategy in your company?

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Endomarketing (also known as Internal Marketing) is one of the most effective strategies to reduce your employee turnover rate and attract new, highly qualified professionals to your company.

This strategy is mainly directed at nurturing a feeling of a great workplace and making people feel like their current position is a dream job.

The prefix ‘endo’ comes from the Greek meaning "inside," therefore Endomarketing in a business environment is targeted at your employees.

You can also call this Internal Marketing, as it seeks to improve the image of the company among its employees, culminating in a motivated team and reduced turnover.

Many companies invest a lot of time, resources and money to attract and retain customers, but sometimes they completely forget about their own workers. After implementing a new successful strategy for your internal marketing, you should see a lift in your team’s perception of the company, and they will begin to see the company in a more human and charismatic way, often developing a feeling of "adoration" for the business.

Richard Branson once said: "If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients" and this is a powerful reason why you should start taking care of your team in a more hands-on way.

According to the article Endomarketing campaigns to generate engagement, to implement Endomarketing in a company, you must have in mind that internal marketing is not only restricted to internal "advertising", but you also need to engage your HR, with the role of providing better conditions for employees and meeting their demands. That way, proactivity will find a healthier and more balanced space to develop your customers' communication strategies and plans.

The main benefits of this strategy are:

  • It generates greater motivation for your employees and, at the same time, makes your team feel more connected with the business brand
  • Your company will attract more qualified professionals
  • Your clients will be well assisted by your happy team
  • Worker attrition will decrease as you increase their satisfaction, and commitment to the organization will increase at the same rate
  • It also improves workers’ mental health and quality of life which, in the long term, will reduce the number of casualties in the company
  • Happy, motivated and engaged workers will naturally promote their employer through their networks

Some examples of how to implement Endomarketing are:

  • Invest in training for your team
  • Work on the internal communication
  • Provide space for your employees to give feedback and new ideas e.g. a Brainstorming day
  • Invest in perks that will actually make a difference in their work conditions
  • Any effort that shows how you care about your employee and their opinion

Figure: Good example – Celebrate special dates with your team!

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