Do you know how to record your screen?

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Recording your screen is a great way to demo a change for a client, show how reproduce a bug or sharing something cool you've been working on.

There are many ways to record your screen. Here are some popular options:

Remote recordings

  • Zoom
  • Microsoft Teams

    • Perfect if you are alreay on a call see
    • Use NDI for better quality (separate video files for each participant and the screen share)
  • StreamYard (advanced - good for live streaming)

Simple recordings

Advanced recordings

Tip 1: If you are recording the steps to reproduce a bug, it might be better to use Chrome Recorder instead.

Tip #2: Zoom, and Microsoft Teams are cloud-based services, so consider whether an option such as Snagit, Loom or Clipchamp that records locally is more appropriate. If you record with Zoom, post-production editing will be required

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