Communication - Do you send "Done Videos"?

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The big communication points with clients are:

  • Daily Scrums (Product Owners often don’t join)
  • Sprint Review, Retro and Planning
  • Done Videos

Most Scrum teams do the first 2 well but Done Videos are less common.

A picture is worth a thousand words; and a video is worth a thousand pictures.

Clients love Done Videos. Done Videos offer transparency, visibility, testing, and early releasing of a feature they might otherwise have to wait weeks or months to see released. The video lets them see the new feature and enables early feedback, which is beneficial to both the developer and the client.

The best way to demonstrate that a new piece of functionality is working is to record yourself using it successfully. this works as both a demo, as well as a training aid if they need to reference it again later.

The benefits of Done Videos are:

  • Product Owner - The PO (often the client) can watch as many times as they like
  • New Developer - Shows what the feature does
  • Developer - They can be referenced in code for others in the future
  • UX designer (and tester) - Easy to can give feedback
  • User - can be included as documentation

Figure: Video call with the client

How to do a Done Video

Do you know how to record a quick and dirty 'Done Video'?

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