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Do you sort your videos into playlists?

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When uploading your videos to YouTube, your channel can look like a laundry basket of content if you don't keep it organised. A better way to manage your channel is to treat all of your videos like products, each with their own identifiable branding.

The first step is to define your content, and then create a visual identifier by using personalised video thumbnails.

youtube playlists good
Good Example: Content is sorted into playlists that have their own unique thumbnail theme

Grouping similar content

Viewers are often looking for content similar to what they just watched, so creating and promoting optimized playlists is a plus as it increases session time (the amount of time spent by a person on YouTube after watching your video).

E.g. People who like Coca-Cola usually prefer more Coca-Cola:

Figure: Viewers want more of what they already like

YouTube wants people to spend more time on their website (to increase their revenue with ads), so if a channel makes people spend more time on YouTube, this channel gets a boost. YouTube will automatically launch another video from a playlist once the first video is over, increasing session time. This snowball effect will give your channel and videos a great boost!

playlist bad
Bad example: people leaving YouTube after (or even while) watching one of your videos will rank you (and your content) down

playlist ok
OK example: people watching another video after yours will give you a little boost

playlist good
Good example: people watching a video from your playlist are more likely to keep watching more of your videos, giving you a big boost!

Images : courtesy of Brian Dean (source).

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