Almost every organization needs some method of managing their client relationships. Previously, dedicated CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Systems were out of reach of small to medium size enterprises (SMEs), however Microsoft has entered the value end of the market with Microsoft CRM.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a mature product with a faster growing market share than any other Customer Relationship Management software in the world. Microsoft CRM 2016 brings new levels of customer intelligence, providing every customer-facing employee the information they need to truly impress customers.

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  • Centrally manage leads, accounts, emails, phone calls, product sales, services
  • Access client data even when offline
  • Powerful reporting
  • Very customizable

More than a CRM. Treat it like an XRM


Microsoft CRM

With Microsoft CRM, you can create a centralized repository of customer data and Contact management system that sits neatly alongside Microsoft Office and Microsoft Outlook -- the applications most employees use every day. From Outlook, you can access Microsoft CRM sales, marketing, and customer service modules to make sales decisions, market products, solve problems, and get strategic views of the business. It's CRM that works, and works very well, because it works the way your users already do, your business already does, and how technology should.

CRM Architecture:

  • SQL Server Backend
  • ASP.NET/Outlook Front end
  • Tablet App (iPad/Windows 10)

SSW CRM Consultants are often called in to:

  • Deploy & Configure Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Develop Microsoft CRM Customization
  • Migrate/upgrade from Microsoft CRM 4.0 to CRM 2011
  • Migrate/upgrade from Microsoft CRM 2011 to CRM 2013
  • Migrate/upgrade from Microsoft CRM 2013 to CRM 2015
  • Migrate/upgrade from Microsoft CRM 2015 to CRM 2016
  • Migrate data from legacy business systems to Microsoft CRM
  • Integrate/Synchronise Microsoft CRM with other systems (e.g. your accounting system)
  • Present training sessions to Administrators and Users
  • Upgrade ACT and Goldmine to Microsoft CRM
Figure: www.theguide.com.au was developed by SSW using CRM integration with existing business
Figure: SSW developed a CRM system for SDN which is a charity organization


Microsoft CRM 2016

SSW is now working with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016. It looks good and delivers on the vision "The Power of Productivity", giving customers familiar, intelligent and connected experiences.

  1. Familiar Experiences - Deeper integration with Microsoft Office tools, such as Outlook, Excel, Word and the contextual ribbon ensure a natural and familiar working experience. It reduces training requirements and improving user adoption
    • Next-generation Microsoft Outlook experience
    • Microsoft Office experience
    • Role-Tailored design
    • Advanced user personalization
    • Tablet users get a rich UI experience
    • Skype and Skype for Business Integration to quickly make outgoing calls
    • Quick Create (Easy to create a new record from any screen)
    • Bing Maps Integration
    Familiar experience using Outlook
    Figure: Familiar Experience using Outlook
  2. Intelligent Experiences - CRM helps people make informed decisions by giving them intelligence about their organization, customers and other relationships
    • Inline data visualizations
    • Real-time dashboards
    • Flexible goal management
    • Guided process dialogs
    • Business Rules, Rules can be applied to control on a form via the Business Rules Editor, Rules are applied to Web, Outlook and Mobile clients
    The new ways to visualize your data are truly awesome
    Figure: The new ways to visualize your data are truly awesome
  3. Connected Experiences - Connecting people, processes and data from inside and outside an organization to work together more effectively.
    • Contextual document libraries
    • Cloud development
    • Solution management
    • Microsoft Dynamics marketplace
    Document Library within CRM
    Figure: Document Library within CRM

Contact SSW now to see how we can prepare you today for the migration to MS CRM 2016.

SalesForce is another great option for your CRM

SSW consultants also regularly implement Salesforce. SalesForce CRM is an online web-based application. It captures and organizes communications and information from current or prospective customers from numerous departments across a company. SalesForce also combines business processes, people, and technology together to achieve a common goal.

Figure: Analytics Module - Shows you how your products are doing at different times and places

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