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Adam's 2021 Year In Review

Adam's 2021 Year In Review

2021 – a 2nd year living in a pandemic. For us in Australia it meant more strict lockdowns, wearing facemasks, and missing out on family time with those who didn’t live in your direct household. For single people, it meant a lot of isolation and I had some conversations with people who were really hurting.

The introduction of COVID-19 vaccines last year saw many seeing the light at the end of the tunnel with the promise to end the lockdown if we hit 95%. But boy did it polarise people – I have a wide group of friends and employees, and I saw friend against friend on the pro-vax, anti-vax stance! No matter where you stand on the issue, I hope we can have conversations with less heat with each other in 2022. Listening and open dialog gives you an understanding of the other’s perspective, which is so important.

It was great to sneak in a visit my mum in Melbourne after not seeing her for such a long time, and to also see some of my team doing YOLO! activities towards the end of the year. A YOLO! day is an extra day of leave you can use at SSW to do something you wouldn’t normally do… and we saw colleagues doing diving, swimming with turtles, and one with sharks! Hence using the term ‘You Only Live Once’!

Read on for Adam vs efoiling, SSW projects and what's in the pipeline for 2022 for SSW TV

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Common Mistakes in EF Core | Jernej (JK) Kavka

Common Mistakes in EF Core | Jernej (JK) Kavka

When JK worked with many different clients and projects, he frequently heard "EF Core is slow" or "We should do this in raw SQL" only to realize they haven't used EF Core correctly.

JK will show you how to improve your EF Core statements as well as how various configurations impacts the performance and scalability of your application. You'll be blown away at how small changes can significantly impact not only the performance but also stability of the application.

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Power App Consulting

Power Platform can help you create solutions for all of your internal and external processes. Microsoft's Power Platform is a set of low-code applications that can be used individually to create easy-to-use business solutions. These applications can be used together and combined with Office 365 and Azure to create a smooth flow throughout your whole business, from client communication to financial analytics.

Could you be supercharging your business through Power Apps? Learn more.

Online Live Events
The Angular Workshop border=

1-day Online
.NET 6 Superpowers

.NET 5 and .NET Core 3.1 have been superseded by .NET 6, the new standard in .NET. There will be just one .NET going forward, and we can help you get ready to use the most powerful & flexible version ever!

You will finish the day with a solid understanding of why you should be using .NET 6 and the capability to build enterprise apps using the new platform.

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Online, Australia
The 2 Day Clean Architecture Workshop

2-day In Person
Clean Architecture Workshop

In this 2-day hands-on workshop we will cover the best approach to building enterprise applications using Clean Architecture and .NET Core. You will be building your own application from scratch.

This hands-on workshop will provide practical guidance and recommendations. We will cover architecture, technologies, tools and frameworks.

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Brisbane, Australia
Melbourne, Australia
Sydney, Australia

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What is new in Azure Form Recogniser? with Microsoft AI MVP Somy Ayazi

A brief on Azure Cognitive Services and an overview on Azure From Recogniser new capabilities.

Somy Ayazi

Somy is an Engineering Manager with Atlassian. She has development background and have worked across multiple organisation and projects. She is passionate about AI and keen to explore areas that AI can improve and make our life easier. She sees herself on a constant learning journey.

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Cloud Architect
SSW Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Newcastle

SSW is looking for an enthusiastic Cloud Architect with a strong understanding of DevOps and .NET

This role requires great communication skills and solid experience in delivering production-ready web solutions. Further, we encourage you to take ownership of your relationship with clients and build meaningful connections, to think critically, and create the right solution for the right job.

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Full Stack .NET Developer
SSW Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Newcastle

This role requires great communication skills and solid experience in delivering production-ready web solutions. You will be working with our expert developers and designers in a wide variety of exciting enterprise projects.

This role requires someone who can work closely with clients, think critically, and create the right solution for the right job. .NET experience is a must.

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