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This simple, powerful and effective utility keeps your system up to date, and helps to resolve intricate software compatibility issues.

To aid our developers in analyzing software related issues, it helps if we collect some basic information about your system. This utility will help you collect the relevant information easily.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Checks required software.
  • Checks for and advises on obsolete versions.
  • Automatically emails summaries of your software.
  • Easily customized to your specific needs.
  • Award winning software!
  • A $199 value given away 100% free. No Adware or Spyware.
Scan Results with some red crosses
Figure: The goal is to lose all these red crosses, so you only see green ticks

More screen shots in the User Guide

Upcoming Features

  • Release 10 - Scan "Add/Remove Programs" and add to your online profile
  • Release 11 - Auto data updating with Sync Framework
  • Release 12 - Add online profile - lists users scans (by PC name)
  • Release 13 - Add to online profile, your favourite software with votes and comments
  • Release 14 - Add to online profile, your "bad versions" and "good versions"
  • Release 15 - Add to product profile, the Health Rating + to windows client
  • Release 16 - Add to product profile, popularity of installation
  • Release 17 - Integration with related software E.g.

User Guide

Welcome to the User Guide. This help facility is designed to quickly get you up and running using our software.

Demonstration Options
  • If you are in Sydney, call today for a free no-obligation demonstration at your office!
  • If you are not in Sydney, please take advantage of our SSW Phone Walkthrough. The SSW Phone Walkthrough is a service where we will call you, anywhere in the world and once you have installed our product we will guide you over the important features of the software. Saves you time, playing around with the software trying to work out all the useful features, please email us today.

Awards and Ratings

Our SSW Products are also listed on Shareware web sites. Some of these sites review and/or rate our products. Here's how our products rated on other third party sites.

SofoTex awards rates this product Sofotex review

File Transit review for the product File Transit

File Hungry review for the product File Hungry

How it Works

  1. You come across a problem with a program you are running.
  2. You contact the vendor and the first thing they ask is, "Have you got the latest version of XYZ installed?"
  3. "One moment, I'll check.", you reply.
  4. Clicking on SSW Diagnostics, your system is checked, and not only does it tell you your version number and whether you need an upgrade, but also where to go to get the upgrade.
  5. Then with another click, your version list is emailed to the vendor so they can get to work solving your problem.

System Requirements

Getting Support

If you can't find what you are looking for in the product documentation then check our knowledge base for further information and tips about this product.

Please send us bug reports and feedback so that we can evolve our software into a product that matches your requirements. We guarantee a response.

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