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Changing Structure

Distributing Your New Front End


Distributing your new Front End

When 'SSW Data PRO!' is used to make changes in the backend database, all the changes are logged. Every time you make a structural change to the database, 'SSW Data PRO!' records this in the table 'zsDPDataChange'. Once you process the change, 'SSW Data PRO!' will then make the change to the back end. At the same time a log record is created in the backend table '_zsDataVersion'

When the front end is distributed, it checks whether the backend is old and needs upgrading. If old, the front end will automatically make all the necessary changes in the back end.

Note: You do not need to install 'SSW Data PRO!' on clients machine. Just include 'SSWDataPROSQL' in the same directory as the application in the machine from where you want make changes.


Upgrading the Backend

To upgrade the backend please follow the following steps:

    Run your front end application and run macro 'SSWSampleAutoExec_v1'. You will see the following screen:

    Upgrading the backend database

    Click 'Yes'. Then you will be prompted for the location of 'SSW Data PRO!'. You will see the following screen:

    Upgrading step 2

    Select 'SSW Data PRO!' (for example 'DataPROSqlEditor.exe') file and click open. A message box will appear informing you about starting of upgrade. Once you click 'Ok' you will see the following screen.

    Click Next to Upgrade

    Click 'Next>' to proceed with the upgrading.

To see it in action

    Rename your current backend to 'zzNorthwindDATA'

    Rename the backup (you created at start of this tutorial) 'NorthwindDATABackup' to 'NorthwindDATA'.

    Open your front end application that will start the upgrading process.

Now you can issue the new front end database version that you have just completed to your clients. The above upgrading process will give you peace of mind because you know that your database will check the clients current data version (in '_zsVersion Data') and compare it with the current version required (in 'zsDPDataVersion') before performing any necessary upgrades.

However, before distributing your database make certain it has been put through the First Time Use process . This is because the data.mdb you release must have the system table '_zsDataVersion' in it, as the next time you send your application (that will include 'SSW Data PRO!') it will look for this table so it can determine what version it is.

We hope you enjoy using 'SSW Data PRO!'.

The 'SSW Data PRO!' Team.

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