Do you have a brainstorming "Idea Champion"?

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During a Brainstorming Day, many great ideas are generated, discussed, and refined. But what happens to these ideas once the day is over? Without a dedicated individual to drive an idea forward, it risks being forgotten or losing momentum. This is where the "Idea Champion" comes in.

Figure: A Brainstorming "Idea Champion" ready to impart their wisdom upon us

The Idea Champion's responsibilities

  • Take accountability for the idea until a Scrum Team has been assigned and development has started or the idea is parked
  • Discuss the idea and answer people's questions
  • Communicate the status of the idea in the relevant GitHub Discussion
  • Push the idea forwards and get closure (approval/rejection)

Where it begins

  • An Idea Champion should be assigned to each idea for a specific Brainstorming Day. This is done when allocating teams
  • The Idea Champion can change on the day of the Brainstorming, or after, if the team decides there is a better person

Where it ends

The Idea Champion's role is over when either:

✅ There is a Scrum Team working on the project or
❌ Approval isn't reached and the idea is parked (this is a perfectly acceptable outcome - it can always be revisited in a future Brainstorming Day)

Using labels

Using GitHub labels is a great way to keep the status of an idea up to date!

github tags
Figure: Good example - Using labels to show how an idea is progressing

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