SSW Newcastle is located in a prime position, opposite to the university

432 Hunter St
Newcastle, NSW 2300


  • Option 1: On-street parking is available right outside the SSW Newcastle office. This is the best option for short visits as it is limited to 1 hour.
  • Option 2: Wright Lane Car Park. This is the next closest option, and is better for longer visits. Parking is $3 an hour, but spaces are limited.
  • Option 3: Civic West Car Park at 291 King Street. This is the best option for all-day parking as it has ample spaces and the early-bird rate is $12.
    Figure: Approach the car park entrance from John St (turn left off King St if approaching from the East, turn right onto Union St if approaching from the West, then take Laman St to get to John St). View on Google Maps