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Manage email more effectively with SSW LookOut! for Outlook

Did you ever hit the send/receive button only to realize that you forgot the attachment, or didn't 'reply all'? Email is a fundamental corporate communications tool used every day to manage staff, establish contacts and communicate with clients. Use SSW LookOut! to organize and manage your email and help ensure email is always an advantage to your business and not a liability! With tons of rules and auditing checks, SSW LookOut! also notifies the user whether emails are from people within their corporate Access or SQL Server database.

Key Features & Benefits

Email Management Too Important for CIOs
High-profile scandals such as Worldcom and Enron shown that email management is too important for business to be left to CIOs who are more worried about rising costs. Details You are about to leave the SSW site
Never Send An Email In Anger
Chris Sells says "One of the most important things that I've ever learned about high-tech communications is to never, ever write an email in anger. Or, to be more precise, never *send* an email in anger" Details You are about to leave the SSW site
LookOut! catches angry words and give you a second chance before sending them!
  • Cover yourself and automatically obey good email etiquette with a multitude of rules and checks
  • such as:
    • Forgetting to add the attachment
    • Sending large emails
    • Including inappropriate words in the body of an email
    • Forgetting to include a body or subject in the email
    • Forgetting to Reply to All
    • Forgetting to include a signature for external emails
  • Optimise your Outlook settings
  • Set the database connection. When a new mail arrives in your Inbox it is automatically tagged with Contact information.
  • Sort email by Contacts


Figure: Use SSW LookOut! to organize and manage your email and help ensure email is always an advantage to your business and not a liability!

More screen shots in the User Guide

Advanced Options - How it works (Programming Required)

SSW LookOut! for Microsoft Outlook adds a Client ID field to your Outlook view. This allows you to clearly see which emails are from contacts in your corporate database, which emails are from within your own corporate Intranet, and which emails are from people not currently in your database (potential new clients which you must add to your database!).

Figure: SSW LookOut! lets you clearly see which emails are and are not from contacts in your corporate database

LookOut! uses the email address to search and match people from your database. It is designed to work with any popular database, but currently has only been tested extensively with Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL Server. If you are interested to try out on other database(s), let us know!


Inbox group
Figure: Your Outlook items can be sorted or grouped with the Client ID

LookOut! operates in two modes, Online and Offline mode.

  • Whenever LookOut! is certain that a connection to your corporate database can be made, it will switch to Online mode. A probe test is run to check before the mode switches.
  • Similarly, whenever there's an error in trying to connect to your database, LookOut! will switch to Offline mode.

While in Offline mode, LookOut! will not try to scan any new incoming emails for their client ID. Contrary to what the name may seem to indicate, LookOut! does not keep an open connection to your database, all connections are closed as soon as LookOut! is done with them. LookOut!'s Online and Offline modes are also not related to Outlook's Online and Offline modes. There is an option for LookOut! to automatically try to go Online when it starts.

Upcoming Features

  • Adding MS CRM (4 and 5) support

System Requirements

What does the unregistered version give me?

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