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Don't let technical debt get out of control February 2021 | View Online
Technical Debt - Can you pay it back?

Technical Debt – Can you pay it back?

In a perfect world, development projects would be:

  1. Deployed often
  2. Developed using Agile practices, for example following Scrum
  3. Using mainstream technologies and libraries
  4. Managed & developed using best practices – the reason I started rules.ssw.com.au
  5. Run at a sustainable cadence with a team of at least 2 developers
  6. Code written in buddy fashion – 2 developers sitting side by side
  7. Covered with maintainable tests
  8. Ran by savvy & available Product Owners
  9. A Backlog that clearly identifies technical debt
  10. Reasonable budgets and timeframes

Do you work on a project that gets a tick on each one of these? Usually, the two biggest things in a software project that developers have the least influence over, are the time they have to build a product (aka #10 – a reasonable budget).

So, what does this mean in the real world? Usually, it means software developers making compromises to get something built in the desired timeframe. This often leads to what we call Technical Debt.

Keep reading to see how you can control technical debt and make it manageable.

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Automagic Tenant Config for Mobile Apps | Matt Goldman

Automagic Tenant Config for Mobile Apps | Matt Goldman

How do you get environment- or tenant-specific config into your users’ hands? With mobile or desktop apps, for managed devices we can pre-configure these using SOE or MDM tools. However, deploying configuration to unmanaged devices is the real challenge!

In this talk, Matt Goldman looks at some different options for automating this for your users. As a result, this helps to reduce human error and improve the UX.

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Power App Consulting

Power Platform can help you create solutions for all of your internal and external processes. Microsoft's Power Platform is a set of low-code applications that can be used individually to create easy-to-use business solutions. These applications can be used together and combined with Office 365 and Azure to create a smooth flow throughout your whole business, from client communication to financial analytics.

Could you be supercharging your business through Power Apps? Learn more.

Online Live Events
The Clean Architecture Superpowers

Come watch our best Angular devs build an Angular 11 application from scratch and take it all the way to an enterprise application using all the best tools and practices we use.

Don't waste weeks learning Angular, the Angular CLI, RxJS, TypeScript, ngrx, NPM, WebPack, end to end testing and unit testing. Get a jump start in just one day.

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Online Live Event
The Angular Hack Day

In this workshop we will cover the best approach, and will give you practical guidance to building enterprise applications using Clean Architecture and the new .NET 5 framework.

You will leave this superpowers having developed the foundation and structure for your next enterprise application, along with the knowledge to take your enterprise application development to the next level.

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Online Live Event

SSW User Groups: We've been successfully running these online, but if you're in Sydney we'd love to see you in person.
RSVP to penny@ssw.com.au with the subject: "I want 1 of the 10 spots" before Wed 17th Feb (masks are required).

Building Rock SOLID Serverless applications by William Liebenberg

The world has embraced Serverless computing, but some systems still end up with the same problems we thought would be a thing of the past. In this talk, William will be covering how we should apply familiar SOLID principles to our Serverless Application architecture and infrastructure so that our systems are light, easy to maintain and benefit from unbounded scalability.

William then follows through with some techniques that can boost your application's resiliency to outages, security, and reduce coupling.

After this talk you can go ahead and build Rock SOLID Serverless applications that will be able to withstand the test of time.

William Liebenberg

William Liebenberg is an SSW Solution Architect with over 16 years of professional experience spanning multiple industries such as Heavy Engineering, Mining, 3D Graphics, Education and Finance.

With his many years of experience William has learnt how to adapt to new industries and this gives him a unique talent for synchronizing with his clients' new business languages and processes to build their solutions.

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Online Live Event
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Videographer (AV/Shooter/Editor)
SSW Sydney

SSW is looking for a Videographer to help us engage with the software development community in Australia and internationally.

Do you want to create awesome videos and help turn super geeky developers into stars? We specialise in educating and engaging with the software development community which helps create awareness of our brand and our consulting work.

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Full Stack .NET Developer
SSW Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Newcastle

This role requires great communication skills and solid experience in delivering production-ready web solutions. You will be working with our expert developers and designers in a wide variety of exciting enterprise projects.

This role requires someone who can work closely with clients, think critically, and create the right solution for the right job. .NET experience is a must.

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