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Coronavirus – A whole New World (at home) April 2020 | View Online

Coronavirus: What we are doing at SSW

This weekend I saw Coogee Beach packed to the rafters with parties. I also saw that The Oaks Hotel in Neutral Bay and The Coogee Bay Hotel were full of people who are either oblivious or stupid.

Note: Sadly, the Australian numbers are now much worse than below explained by this image:

Keep reading to see the GIF and more about our action plan.

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SSW TV - Prepareing fro Covid-19 and WFH: Tips, Tricks & Strategies for the Tech World

VIDEO: Preparing for COVID-19 and WFH: Tips, Tricks, & Strategies for the Tech World
by Adam Cogan

More commonly known as the Coronavirus, the outbreak has meant many businesses have had to instigate a 'work from home' policy to ensure the health and well being of their employees. This presents a number of challenges for both the employer and employee.

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Remote Work Consulting

Amidst current health concerns of Coronavirus (COVID-19), it is important to have an approach for allowing people to start working from home. SSW can assist in putting the tools in place to allow your employees to continue working with little to no impact on their efficiency and productivity.

Learn more about setting up an efficient remote office

Online Live Events
Azure Super Powers

This one-day event is designed to bring developers up-to-speed on the new features and benefits of using Microsoft Azure to build awesome cloud-based applications.

At SSW we have already gone through the hard work of learning how to implement apps on Azure and we will be showing you everything you need to know in a day to get started.

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Online Live Event
The .NET Core Superpowers Tour

.NET Core is the most powerful and flexible version ever! Much of the day-to-day code you write will be the same - but much of the architecture and how your project fits together has changed.

We will provide you with a solid foundation in .NET Core, an understanding of why you should be using .NET Core, and the capability to build an enterprise application using the new stack.

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Online Live Event

SSW User Groups: We're moving online and combining our groups for the foreseeable future - more talks for everyone!

Clean Testing - Clean Architecture with .NET Core by Jason Taylor

All developers should be writing automated tests. In fact modern developers should be doing Clean Testing.

Systems that adhere to the principles of Clean Architecture are independent of UIs, databases, frameworks, and other external concerns. As a result, the domain and business logic, the most important parts of the system, are completely isolated from external concerns. This makes writing automated tests, a whole lot easier.

In this talk, join Jason Taylor from SSW as he uncovers a simplified approach to automated testing with Clean Architecture. You will learn about unit tests, integration tests, and subcutaneous tests, along with tools, frameworks, and most importantly, where to focus your efforts. You leave this talk fully prepared to implement your own simplified approach to automated testing with Clean Architecture.

Jason Taylor

Jason Taylor is a solution architect, trainer, mentor, and full stack developer with 20 years professional experience. Currently specializing in teaching and building enterprise applications utilizing .NET Core, Angular, Vue, and Azure. Jason loves a challenge and is skilled at progressing from a simple proposal into a well-defined, coded, and tested solution.

Jason loves public speaking and has run the .NET Core Superpowers to sold out audiences in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.

Online Live Event
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From Paper to Power using Azure Form Recognition with Jernej (JK) Kavka

Are you still collecting your feedback on paper handouts? Red, yellow, green feedback is faster, but what do you do with that? It's so time-consuming to go through the feedback forms afterward and maybe you just don’t bother. What if you could collect feedback on a custom form, collate the data and get actionable results before your coffee gets cold?

Join me on the journey from waiting weeks to get feedback from the user group talks to have the results in less than an hour for each event. You'll see how you can use Form Recognizer to parse the data straight from the page, what you can and can't do right now, as well as how you can leverage other Cognitive Services to get more details from the user feedback forms!


Jernej (JK) Kavka is the main architect behind SSW's SophieAI where he got to use his current passion for machine learning, and cognitive services.

With around 10 years of experience in software engineering, Jernej has worked on full-stack .NET development, mobile applications, and Microsoft Cognitive Services. He worked for some of Australia's largest corporations, with great customer satisfaction.

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SSW is Hiring! More SSW jobs

Senior Accountant
SSW Sydney

SSW is looking for a proactive accountant with good communication skills to join our dynamic team (based in Sydney).

SSW is migrating their accounting system from MYOB to XERO and the successful applicant will be involved in this process.

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Senior Full Stack .NET Developer

SSW is looking for enthusiastic Senior Full Stack .NET developer with leadership skills to grow our new Newcastle office.

.NET experience is a must. Experience with Angular, React, SharePoint and/or Dynamics 365 would be a bonus.

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