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Application Insights - Handling Errors October 2021 | View Online
Avoiding a Jurassic problem – 7 tips for handling errors, before they bite

Avoiding a Jurassic problem – 7 tips for handling errors, before they bite

Errors should always be caught and logged – there are plenty of great services that help you fall into the “pit of success”. They have great dashboards, integrate with your preferred communication tools, give you great telemetry, and help you drill down to the root cause.

As developers you should be alerted when something is going wrong and be able to see details to help you track down and fix bugs. Every developers goal should be to know about bugs before the clients do. With exception libraries, you should already be on it.

For developers, it is crucial to log errors, watch them daily and review the health of the errors in the Sprint Review.

And think about the end user for a second…. we’re all aware how painful it can be when you see a nasty error message. In the best case it makes you feel uneasy, and at worst it leaves you blocked. The user experience should *not* be an jarring jumble of text that looks like it is designed for a computer 🤢. On the other hand, a developer should not be developing new features when they are oblivious to the unhealthy state of the application.

Let’s look at 7 ways that you can handle an error, before it comes back to bite you.

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Blast off with Blazor! 🚀 - Supercharged Enterprise UIs using AntDesign | Luke Parker

Blast off with Blazor! 🚀 - Supercharged Enterprise UIs using AntDesign | Luke Parker

Blazor is taking the hobbyist world by storm, but did you know it is perfect for enterprise applications? Having the whole project in one place in one language has done wonders for the development experience. However, as new tech in its perceived infancy there are doubts about whether it’s aged enough for production scenarios. This is where AntBlazor comes to the rescue! It is a comprehensive set of enterprise-class UI components, built with a focus on ease-of-use.

In this talk, Luke demonstrates how the popular open-source component libraries work, with insightful comparisons and demonstrations.

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Power App Consulting

Power Platform can help you create solutions for all of your internal and external processes. Microsoft's Power Platform is a set of low-code applications that can be used individually to create easy-to-use business solutions. These applications can be used together and combined with Office 365 and Azure to create a smooth flow throughout your whole business, from client communication to financial analytics.

Could you be supercharging your business through Power Apps? Learn more.

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2-Day Online
Clean Architecture Workshop

In this 2-day hands-on workshop we will cover the best approach to building enterprise applications using Clean Architecture and .NET Core. You will be building your own application from scratch.

This hands-on workshop will provide practical guidance and recommendations. We will cover architecture, technologies, tools and frameworks.

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Angular Superpowers Tour

Come watch our best Angular devs build an Angular 11 application from scratch and take it all the way to an enterprise application using all the best tools and practices we use.

Don't waste weeks learning Angular, the Angular CLI, RxJS, TypeScript, ngrx, NPM, WebPack, end to end testing and unit testing. Get a jump start in just 1-day.

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Brisbane, Australia
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October *Online* User Group: Modern Web Dev with Blazor and .NET 6 by Jason Taylor

Ready to get up to speed with Blazor WebAssembly? You've picked the right time! Blazor has been running production systems for over two years now - it’s battle-tested and what’s more, Microsoft is just about to drop .NET 6 , the long-term support version of their hugely successful development platform.

Whether you're a student or a seasoned developer, now is the perfect time to get started. And in this talk, Jason will make sure you get started on the right foot. He will demonstrate tools, components, data access, code generation, forms, validation, component libraries and more! Everything you need to build enterprise applications using Blazor WebAssembly and .NET 6.

Luke Parker

Jason Taylor is a passionate developer, architect, trainer and mentor with 20 years of professional experience. He has worked with .NET since 2001, and currently specializes in developing enterprise applications utilizing .NET Core, ASP.NET Core, EF Core, Angular, Vue, and Azure. Jason is an expert on Clean Architecture with .NET Core, and has one of the most sought after GitHub repos containing an awesome template for using Clean Architecture. Jason loves a challenge and is skilled at progressing from a simple proposal into a well-defined, coded, and tested solution.

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